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From insurance fraud to the opioid epidemic to elder abuse in nursing homes and rehabs, it's time that medical facilities and professionals be held accountable for their contribution to America's public health crisis.



The digital economy has created a whole new monster of get-rich-quick scams, fake news, and election interference via misinformation campaigns. It's time to burst the information bubble and bring the digital economy down to earth.



Underserved communities receive minimal options when it comes to getting back on their feet or getting ahead. Instead of mediocre entitlements, the people should be empowered to create their own lives through entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

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We believe every person should be empowered to know their rights and protect their own interests in the most important aspects of life. From healthcare and patient advocacy to consumer advocacy and public assistance retribution, our resource center arms members and the public with the tools needed to defend themselves and get results.

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