The Urban Lobby is an advocacy service specializing in patient advocacy, consumer advocacy, and social service advocacy. We connect individuals and families with professional advocates of multiple disciplines to ensure healthcare, commerce, and public assistance services are rendered in the best interest of recipients. 

We also engage in public policy advocacy on behalf of our members who collaborate with us in the government relations process. Our policy priorities include healthcare reform, consumer protection, and entitlement reform. Our goal is to help Americans help themselves and promote policies that empower the individual as a patient, consumer, and citizen.

Mission: Our mission is to arm Americans with the tools needed to effectively advocate for their own best interests when dealing with corporations and government. We also aim to develop and pass public policy that empowers underserved communities in urban and rural areas. While our main target is to help impoverished people in urban and suburban communities, our goal is to pass policy that will benefit U.S. Citizens in rural areas as well.

Core Values: 

  • Liberty - Liberty is personal freedom, and popular sovereignty lies at the heart of a Democratic Republic. The Urban Lobby is dedicated to ensuring that principles of liberty including individual choice in life and death, freedom to choose one's life path and be equipped for success, and preservation of the integrity of the family unit in all walks of life are represented and protected in the highest esteem by America's governing bodies.

  • Order - The of rule law, not the rule of popular opinion, is what maintains order in a civilized society. The Urban Lobby advocates for policies that maintain the rule of law and introduces updated and relevant regulations and amendments that will keep America on pace with global developments while protecting the fundamental rights and interests of individuals and communities.

  • Justice - All Americans deserve justice, especially when wronged by failing government policies and unfettered interests of industry. The Urban Lobby works tirelessly to seek out and manifest justice for all Americans by holding government and industry accountable for their contributions to social problems and public crises.

  • Accountability - The public's best interest is kept at the forefront by the implementation of laws and policies that hold industry and public servants accountable. The Urban Lobby works with its membership and industry professionals to ensure that healthcare, industry, and government are held accountable for quality service and the impacts of their decisions on society.