The Urban Lobby takes on numerous social problems and works to find policy solutions that will alleviate the pain of Americans and bring them into a place where they can live with pride and dignity. At any given time, we focus on three top policy priorities while other topics remain in queue in preliminary planning and discussion. Below are the policies that we are currently advocating for:

Healthcare Industry Reform

Healthcare reform is often geared toward insurance companies and government programs that help people pay their medical bills, but what about the accountability of healthcare providers and professionals? What about the accountability of the pharmaceutical industry? We fight to have health coverage for Americans, only for medical facilities to turn away patients due to preference in insurance plans or forms of payment, meaning people still go without the care they need.

The Urban Lobby is advocating for medical industry reform that requires facilities, professionals, and other companies to be held accountable for their contribution to the public health crisis in America by ensuring that healthcare costs are manageable and all forms of payment are accepted. 

consumer protection

Consumer Protection

Fraudulent business practices are as old as business itself, and protecting consumer interests has always been a challenge. However, the rise of the unregulated digital economy is wreaking havoc on the minds and pockets of the most vulnerable populations, including minorities and seniors. 

The Urban Lobby is advocating for consumer protection reforms to regulate the digital information economy to curb the prevalence of fake news and misinformation, burst the bubble of the unregulated and unscrupulous coaching industry, and bring a higher standard of qualification to the online education industry.

Entitlement Reform

The attempt to help get Americans back to personal independence is lacking. From poor job listings to a lack of resources to help people from all walks of life get back on their feet, Americans are being tricked into a poverty trap with no way out through the current structure of entitlements, especially welfare, temporary assistance, and food stamps.

The Urban Lobby is advocating for entitlement reform that empowers Americans through meaningful and relevant choices in changing careers and finding jobs as well as ensures that those in need receive proper financial literacy education so they never have to return to entitlements again.