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Disclaimer: All listed directories are free public directories and are not directly affiliated with The Urban Lobby. We assume no liability in their ability to fulfill your needs or guarantee their advocates will render quality service. If you wish to work with advocates interviewed and vetted by The Urban Lobby, become a member today.


Below are national directories for patient advocates and healthcare lawyers. Patient advocates provide a range of specialty services, from attending appointments and interpreting medical diagnoses to caregiving consulting, medical bill reduction and health insurance liaising. Healthcare attorneys may represent healthcare facilities or patients in malpractice suits. Be sure to do due diligence in discerning which advocate will best serve your interests.

Patient Advocates

Healthcare Legal Services

Consumer Protection

Below are national public directories for consumer advocates. These advocates are typically lawyers with expertise in litigation and consumer law.

Consumer Advocates

Public Assistance/ Welfare

Public directories for social workers and lawyers specializing in public assistance cases are few and far between, if they can be found at all. The Urban Lobby is developing a specialized public directory to fill this need. If you're a social worker or lawyer who would like to be featured in this directory, please apply here. If you would like updates on our directory efforts, sign-up for our newsletter on the Resources page.

The below directories include social workers that practice in all specialties as well as state-based legal directories for public assistance lawyers.

Social Workers

Public Assistance Legal Services

General Legal Services

Didn't find what you need here? Check out these general legal directories to find an advocate near you!