The People's Power

The people deserve to have their voices heard and have a direct hand in the public policy making process. The Urban Lobby was formed  as a public interest lobbying project to fulfill this need -- to put power back in the hands of the people and create a space where average Americans can hire their very own lobbyist to advocate for issues and solutions that matter most to them.

People-driven policies

Want to directly impact public policy? Members of The Urban Lobby receive opportunities to directly participate in setting policy priorities, approving drafted legislation clauses, and crafting public policy products.

Legislative updates and progress reports

Keep up with Congress through our bi-weekly newsletter giving updates on local and federal legislation directly related to our top policy priorities. Members also receive an exclusive reports on the progress of our policy influence efforts.

Self-advocacy materials and trainings

Learn to lobby on your own and make your voice heard with custom guides, advocacy materials, and online trainings. 

Coming Soon: Advocacy Services

Get connected with interviewed and vetted patient advocates, social workers, and legal professionals specializing in healthcare, social programs, and consumer advocacy. Our advocate connection service pairs our members with the right advocacy team to ensure positive outcomes when crisis hits home.

Non-Partisan Policies

Extreme partisanship has skewed effective public representation. The Urban Lobby works with political leaders from all parties who support public policy solutions that benefit the well-being of all Americans no matter their race, religion, creed, or political affiliation. Our goal is to restore American government to a body that is truly for the people, by the people, with liberty and justice for all!

Get Started!


Affordable monthly commitment for individuals seeking positive change and advocate services

$20 /mo


Monthly commitment for patient advocates, social workers, and legal pros looking to serve 

$50 /mo